Clean Credit Bureau Is it possible?

Surely you have heard about the cleanliness of Buró in many ads. And yes, these abound in social networks and posters of repairers of revenue. Take care ! Cleaning the Credit Bureau is an unlikely goal to achieve. Unlike a video game, real life does not have a “reset” button.



What is the Credit Bureau?

What is the Credit Bureau?


The Credit Bureau is a private company that is independent of any type of company within the country. It is intended to confer credit movement information to affiliated companies.

These data belong to natural persons as morals. So if you have any type of credit, whatever it is, take into account that there are several eyes watching what you do.

It should be noted that only companies such as banks, telephone companies, department stores, among others that are relevant, can access your information.

Thanks to this system, companies have the guarantee that they can evaluate everyone. This will benefit the best customers depending on the type of credit you request. It also makes the idea of ​​Cleaning the Credit Bureau even more attractive, don’t you think?


When is it necessary to clean the Credit Bureau?

When is it necessary to clean the Credit Bureau?


Rather than cleaning the Credit Bureau, we talk about improving it and, of course, stop committing the failures that put it in a bad state. This is what I mean by leaving the habit of paying off your loans every three months.

In fact, if you pay by the third month, your account is lost by the bank and, among other things, you will be reported negatively in your Bureau. And it is here when collection friends enter the attack.

If you are already in red with your debts and your interests suffocate you, you will have to renegotiate with the bank. You can also take care of it to a credit repair company, yes, you will have a bad history for the next 6 years but … It’s that or for a lifetime!



Paying arrears helps clear history

Paying arrears helps clear history


It is not true. Remember that the Credit Bureau records all your financial movements, therefore, your arrears are reflected and there will be no payment to eliminate them from your past.

It is worth mentioning that paying several days after the payment limit is not the same as after several weeks. The first behavior would not make your credit history look so bad.

The only way to erase some of your history is to allow 6 long years to pass, after a debt less than 400,000 UDIS has been settled. Once so, it is essential that the payment of the debit be notified.



How can I check my Credit Bureau?

How can I <a href=check my Credit Bureau?” />


You can do it through your credit score and, in more detail, through the special report of your Credit Bureau . The second one can be done on the Bureau page.

In conclusion

Believe it or not, appearing in the Credit Bureau is advantageous, although it is an obligation that our financial data be deposited there. Look at it this way, thanks to this system, lenders will be able to measure your reliability when granting you a loan.

Banks are not going to risk their money with someone whose behavior is unknown. In addition, you would be missing the opportunity to get the car or house you dreamed of in less time. You don’t lose, everything adds up!

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