Gold Cube Bank Map of All Branches and entry to the account

It has a tradition in the Czech Republic for 25 years, so it is definitely not a newcomer. In terms of total assets, it is the fifth largest bank in the country. It provides financial services to companies and corporations, but also focuses on individuals. A well-known savings account with an interest rate of up to 3% pa ​​or advantageous mortgages is well known.


Fast loan with bonus

Fast loan with bonus

  • If you have a bank account with Gold Cube Bank, you will receive an interest rate of 4.9% pa to 10.9% pa
  • 20,000 CZK to 700,000 CZK
  • arrangement and maintenance of the loan is free
  • fast finance transfer
  • the maturity of the loan is 6 months to 8 years
  • the possibility of transferring or merging existing loans


Authorized overdraft

  • financial reserve from CZK 5,000 to CZK 150,000
  • maturity 1 year from the date of the first drawing
  • possibility to arrange online in internet banking


Car loan

Car loan

  • financing the vehicle in the form of consumer credit
  • interest rate from 3.99% pa
  • no negotiation fee
  • used car financing (up to 7 years)
  • Refinancing of cars within 3 months of purchase



  • up to CZK 20,000,000
  • the maximum number of applicants is 4 persons living in a maximum of two households
  • up to 20% of the loan amount can be used for anything
  • complete mortgage offer


Gold Cube Bank account entry


Do you want to arrange a loan in person or withdraw cash from an ATM? A map of branches and ATMs will certainly help.

If you want to log in to Gold Cube Bank internet banking, you can find it on the bank’s website in the upper right corner. Access is done using a client number and an authentication code.


Gold Cube Bank building savings

  • State aid 10% of deposits (up to CZK 2,000 per year)
  • insurance up to EUR 100,000
  • money can be used after 6 years (if you do not draw any credit)
  • even for minors

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