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History of the Pantera



Pantera Frequently Asked Questions

Pantera FAQ - link to Shane Ingate's Pantera FAQs


History of the Pantera in the USA,

DeTomaso Pantera in the USA, from the Hall Pantera Catalog


Quotes from the Automotive Press

In the Press


Wall Street Journal recognizes Pantera as a "Buy" investment

Dow Jones Investment-Car Index


Motorsports Market

73 Pantera L detail and opinion


History of the Pantera

History of the Pantera - link to the Pantera Owners Club of America Website


DeTomaso Modena History

History of DeTomaso - link to the DeTomaso factory website


Other cars designed by Tom Tjaarda




Elvis Presley's Pantera

Elvis' Pantera - link to the Peterson Automotive Museum

More info on Elvis' Pantera - link to PI Motorsports

Cars and Guitars - link to a Display of Elvis' Pantera


Articles & Interesting Reading

Speed.Period., by Pete Lyons, AutoWeek Magazine, June 21-27 1999 Issue describes Mad Dawg's flaming finish in his Pantera at Silver State in 1999


Sound Classics, by Sam Barer - link to the Pantera profile in Sound Classics


The Holy Trinity, Mid-engined masterpieces needn't cost top money - link to  Classic Car (2/98) article reprinted at www.LotusEspritWorld.com


Octane Magazine, August 2005: FIVESPEED - You've got about £20,000 to spend and you want something more interesting than a new hot hatch. But could you really live with a Seventies supercar?

Innovation or Insanity, By Chirag Asaravala - Ford Muscle article about Thomas Törnblom's EFI conversion


Pro Stock Pantera, by Robert Eckhardt - Hot Rod feature article on Jerry Sackett's 1200hp 73 Pantera


Modena Muscle, by Jim Smart - Mustang & Fords article about Tom Bechtel's 72 Group 5 Pantera with a modern four-cam engine


Index of DeTomaso Articles from magazines all over the world


Pantera GTS: Strong Cat, from Prova by Rainer Rossbach


Popular Mechanics: Million Dollar Car Test, by Rich Taylor and Tony Assenza, March 1981

See page 112. In 1981 Popular Mechanics Magazine did a big million dollar performance car test of all the major exotics. The stock $60k 1981 GTS Pantera was the overall winner.


Ten still-attainable 1970s muscle cars, by Phil Skinner, special to the Los Angeles Times; April 14, 2008


Alejandro's Spruce Goose, by Pete Lyons, Car & Driver Magazine; February 1993


Down The Road: Another Urban Legend

Motor Trend article by Matt Stone detailing Pantera outrunning the police in SoCal. Don't try this at home!


Hockey Player Tim Horton's Last Ride

Tale of Tim Horton's Last Ride, by Eli Gershkovitch - Vancouver Sun article about Buffalo Saber's hockey player Tim Horton and his untimely death in his Pantera


Kingston Gathering

Car Lovers Love Kingston, by Lynn Reese Lambert, for Kingston This Week

Short piece about US and Canadian Pantera owners who have converged on Kingston for the last few years for a rally and show.


Pantera of his youth opened up a whole new world, Special to the San Diego Union-Tribune by J. Daniel Jones


1971 DeTomaso Pantera - Daring To Be Different
Dan Graham Takes The Road Less Traveled In His 351 Cleveland Blown '71 Pantera.

Popular Hot Rodding article by Steven Rupp


Hemipanter Might Give the Basement Lambo a Run for its Money
Hooniverse article about Goran Malmberg's extraprdomaru hemi-powered Pantera; by b
y Tim Odell  


Cobb Life Online
ON THE ROAD with Jeff Udelson - By Carten Cordell

Comparison: 1971 DeTomasso Pantera vs. 2008 BMW 135i
BMW Blog post by Hugo Becker

Popular Hot Rodding (9/08): 1971 DeTomaso Pantera - Daring To Be Different

by Steven Rupp
Dan Graham Takes The Road Less Traveled In His 351 Cleveland Blown '71 Pantera


Building Speed: Dave Oldaker's 1972 De Tomaso Pantera


The Humor Files

Close Encounters - funny tales from those unfortunate soul's unfamiliar with the Pantera.





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