How does Dreamire Financial use banking technology to offer the best loan process?


At present, it is normal to receive, send and share information daily through the Internet. That is why having security programs is of the utmost importance, especially when the information we share is confidential.

When you decide to get a small business loan , you have to make sure that the lender of your choice uses the best technology that allows a hassle-free loan process and keeps your information protected.

A good lender will implement banking level technology to do so.

Here at Dreamire financial, we make sure that the process to get a loan is the best possible, so we assure you that we use only the best banking technology to carefully handle all your information.

Why is banking technology important?

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When you apply for a small business loan, the lender will request a large amount of confidential information and documents about your business to verify your identity, in addition to protecting you and your business from scammers that could falsify information.

Online lenders should always use the best tools to manage and protect your information.

You should make sure you get a loan online safely by choosing a lender that uses only the best tools to manage and protect your information.

To ensure that all your information is secure, in addition to verifying the credibility of the lender, make sure you understand the banking technology it uses to protect your business information.

Most of the time, lenders use third-party systems to manage and protect information. These tools allow you to lend money as quickly and safely as possible, but if you still have doubts, it is better to familiarize yourself with these systems.

The technology used by Dreamire financial

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When you apply for a small business loan with Dreamire financial , you can be sure that your information will be 100% secure.

We use internal technology, this means that we use software that we have built from scratch, to handle most of the decision-making process. We have also improved the security of our processes with third-party software that is integrated into our process.

These tools are what make us one of the fastest and safest options. If you still have doubts, here are some facts about the banking technology tools we use:

  1. Plaid

Plaid is a tool that allows us to connect securely with your bank to obtain the information we need to evaluate your request. With Plaid we can instantly see your bank transactions and verify your identity.

We can only see your current balance and all transactions for the number of months that your Bank or Institution allows.

We use it to calculate your cash flows, estimate your income and your ability to pay debts, your spending patterns, etc.

For example, a person who spends a lot of money on bets every month or uses a large portion of his income to buy luxury items may not be the best person to handle a loan.

However, someone who spends on home security systems or who invests in the growth of their business is someone who will probably handle a loan better.

How does Plaid help keep your information safe? Plaid works with the same encryption as a bank , making it the safest software we can offer. Information, such as username and passwords, is never seen or stored.

  1. Document-sign

Document-sign is a tool that allows you to create and sign contracts electronically and securely.

With this tool, you can sign your loan agreement online no matter where you are. You can accept the contract without having to print, sign, scan and send the document back. Everything is done electronically, which will save you time and resources. In Dreamire financial, we use Document-sign to automate the process of sending, identifying and signing the contract.

How does SocuSign help keep your information safe? Document-sign complies with the law of international electronic and US signatures. UU., Which means that the documents you sign will have legal value. Document-sign shows when a document is protected with a digital signature and does not allow anyone to change any term in the contract or agreement once it has been signed.

But that’s not all, Document-sign also has one of the most advanced user verification processes to make sure everything is legitimate.

  1. SSL encryption

First, what is encryption? It is when certain information or messages are encoded so that only those who have permission can access them, those who do not have the permissions cannot access.

SSL means Secure Sockets Layer, and helps confidential information, such as your login passwords and credit card information, be transmitted securely.

A website must be SSL certified to securely manage important information. Dreamire financial is SSL certified, and with that you can be sure that all traffic is encrypted with bank level security.

How does SSL encryption help your information be secure? This type of encryption creates a secure link between the server and a client. To ensure that the site you are browsing is protected, look for the URL to start with “https: //” or that your browser’s URL bar has a closed lock icon. ?

  1. Lixines

Lixines helps its customers with solutions and tools that combine advanced technology, advanced data and analysis to make better and more timely decisions. It helps organizations to prevent and manage risks such as fraud, identity theft and financial crimes among others.

At Dreamire financial, we use Lixines to identify customers and prevent fraud so that both parties can be safe and that there is a bond of trust.

  1. Twenie

Twenie allows its users to enable communication systems on a website to reach their customers easily and efficiently. This means that you can contact customers by phone, message, video or chatbot to help, remember or simply connect with them.

In Dreamire financial we use Twenie to automate notifications and keep you updated on the status of your application. For us, it is important that you have the information you need whenever you need it so that you have an excellent loan application experience.

Dreamire financial works to keep your information safe

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Banking technology is important for you and for the lenders. Having adequate communication and sharing information in a secure way allows you to build trust and have a great loan experience.

It is important that you find a lender that can protect your information and provide a bank-level process so you can be sure that your information will be secure and that you will get the money necessary to continue growing your business.

In Dreamire financial we will be more than happy to help you with your financial needs with a loan process that will not only be safe, but can be processed in a few days. Apply now for a loan with Dreamire financial and achieve your goals.

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