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Buy without credit check & despite negative credit bureau on installments: With installment purchase without examination of the credit bureau or with a fair credit check all citizens can travel on the same conditions and be sure that the small monthly amounts an ideal detail for an unforgettable vacation without debts and problems in the Everyday life. and the granting of bad credit financing. No costs without credit bureau possible! To buy a mobile phone in installments, you need a positive credit bureau.

Mobile phone without credit check: despite credit bureau entry for the desired mobile phone

Mobile phone without credit check: despite credit bureau entry for the desired mobile phone

If a mobile phone contract or installment payment is not possible because of a bad credit bureau entry, you should choose another option. Without a credit check, there is a solution for a mobile phone – for example, by switching to a cheaper electricity supplier. The saved funds can then be reused for the mobile phone.

Rental purchases are best compared with installment payments and are especially worthwhile for those who can not buy their own mobile phone. In the case of a installment, the creditworthiness of the customer is usually checked. In this respect, however, the provider family technology differs from other providers. The online retailer deliberately does without credit bureau information and checks the savings potential.

Also for those customers who also want a mobile phone contract, there is the corresponding triple flatrate for telephony, text messaging and mobile surfing. Already after signing the hire purchase contract, the tenant can use the device and pay step by step until it is entitled to it. If you change your electricity supplier through the family technology, you will not only get cheaper electricity, but also a common brand smartphone equivalent to up to 500 USD – and that in only twelve installments.

Via the banner on the website of Family-Technik the customer comes directly to the current provider and has to make the tariff change there. If the change is successful, the buyer will receive an e-mail from us, which he confirms. 

Purchase agreement

Purchase agreement

The hire purchase agreement and welcome letter from the company in must be signed and sent back together with the welcome letter to Family-Technik. The company Family-Technik was founded in 2002 by Dr. Ing. med. Dirk and dr. med. Stephen Michaelowski launched. This enables Family-Technik to pass on the goods directly to the customers.

Even today, the “mobile phone without credit check” is a unique business model. Some wonder if a installment purchase contract does not entail entrepreneurial risk if a credit check is completely abandoned. Experience has shown, however, that the clients are certainly willing to pay despite any credit bureau entries. With a savings potential of 5 to 30 USD per day, changing the electricity provider is a sure way for consumers to buy another device.

If you need not only a mobile phone but also a garnish-proof bill, you will find it at Family Cash. The customer receives here a prepaid credit card and a seizure-proof P-account. If you want a current device, but still have a negative entry in the company, Family-Technik has the right software. Family Power gives you the opportunity to buy a mobile phone with the help of an installment purchase.

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