Maximum mortgage simulation


For the purchase of an existing home or building land, for a renovation project or for building a new home, a mortgage or housing credit is granted. Often you want to know in advance where you stand before you sit down with a specialist. To do this, you can make a simulation of your maximum mortgage through loan, so that you know the maximum amount you can borrow and the term and interest rate that suit this.

Why simulate your mortgage loan?

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You do not experience the process of buying a home very often and it is often not possible to make it clear through all regulations, rights and obligations. In addition, your personal situation also plays a role in obtaining a mortgage. These factors cannot be captured in a general model, as a result of which you often cannot get a good insight for yourself. In order to properly and thoroughly inform you in advance about the different options you have, you can make a simulation of your maximum mortgage. In this way you can adjust the all too great expectations that you had beforehand or you can do more than you thought beforehand. You can simulate your mortgage for both a fixed loan and certainly for a variable loan. You will also receive information about the extent to which you will have to pay off interest and capital and how high the repayment is.

How can you simulate your mortgage loan?

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There are different ways to simulate your maximum mortgage. For example through the mortgage provider itself. If you want a complete overview of different settings, then you are at the right place. To make the simulation for you, the calculation tool asks you for information about your own income, as well as the income of your partner. In addition, you can indicate whether you are investing your own money when purchasing the home. Finally, you state whether you have other loans that affect the monthly payments to be paid.

What to do after a simulation?

What to do after a simulation?

The simulation gives you a first impression of the amount of your maximum mortgage. However, due to various factors, such as your personal situation, that are not included in the simulation, it is not fully geared to your wishes and needs. It is best to contact a specialist for this. That way you can sit around the table together and draw up a mortgage that suits you exactly.

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