August 9, 2011

Race to Concorso – “The agony of defeat”

Today I faced the realization that I won’t be able to have the car back together in time for Concorso Italiano next week. Too many little things to do, and the Buna rubber I ordered to insulate the fuel tank from the chassis won’t be here until Monday.

Oh well, I’m close!  I expect to have the Banzai Runner back on the road early September.

August 7, 2011

Race to Concorso

Yes, it’s been ages since I’ve posted anything here. Not a lot of adventures with a dead car in the garage. And unfortunately, not a lot of progress over a long period of time. I set a goal to get the car back on the road by Concorso Italiano this year, and here’s a pictorial of the saga. I don’t know if I’ll make it, but here’s where I’m at.

Stripping the engine bay

I used a combination of heat gun, wire wheel, scrapers, and lacquer thinner. 

Continue stripping the engine bay

Still stripping the engine bay.

Getting all the grease, grime, and undercoating out of all the nooks and crannies is tough!  This has got to be one of the most miserable jobs I’ve ever performed on a car. If I were to do it all over again, I think I’d just paint it all with Aircraft Stripper and rinse it all away. Oh well, live and learn.

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