Technical Information

A number of the following are links to web resources outside of this site, but I have found them to be very informative.

VIN Decoder – 1971-1974 Panteras

Parts Interchange Lists
Pantera Information Database, by Bill Taylor (SoBill)

Pantera Parts Interchange List, by Ted Mitchell

Parts Cross Reference, by Svenska DeTomaso Klubben

Pantera Tech
Pantera Upgrade & Technical Information, compiled by Garth Rodericks

Pantera Wiring Diagrams, by Bill Taylor (SoBill) hosted at Pantera Place

The Best Fixes for Under $20

Five Most Neglected Maintenance Areas in Your Pantera, by Jack DeRyke

Pantera Information Database download site, by Bill Taylor (SoBill)

Pantera Consolidated Maintenance Checklist, by Bruce Nardoci

Pantera Parts Interchange List, by Ted Mitchell

Pantera Suspension Geometry, by Ted Mitchell

Diagrams – Chassis & Suspension, at Space City Panteras

Space City Panteras Tech Page

VIN Decoder, at Chuck Melton’s website

Headlight Conversions

  • HID Conversion by Johnny Woods posted on PI
  • HID Conversion by Larry Wu & Posting on the PI BBS
  • HID Conversion by Larry Wu on Greg Jacob’s Pantera
  • HID Xenon dual projector conversion by Larry Wu on Peter Havlik’s 89 GT5
  • Recessed Rectangle Headlight Conversion by Goran Malmberg
  • Sylvania ‘XenArc’ HID Headlight Conversion by Marlin Jack
  • 7″ Round Projector Headlights for stock ‘frog-eye’ look
  • HID Conversion by Kirk Evans
  • John’s Recessed headlights
  • Headlight aiming technique


  • Perspex Aerodynamic Decklid
  • Headliner Restoration
  • Seam welding the body
  • Wheel options


  • How to Paint your Pantera, by Dave Doddek
  • 3461 Repaint, by Mark Savage
  • How to Paint your Pantera in 10 Days, by Bill Gaino
  • Rust Repair, by Bill Gaino
  • How to Paint your car
  • Pantera Color Charts
  • Pantera Color Selector


  • Porterfield Brake Pad Upgrade, by John Bentley
  • Volvo 740/940 vented rotors with stock Pantera calipers
  • Brake Light Switches

Chassis Diagrams

  • Chassis & Suspension Measurements – Space City Panteras


  • Wiring Diagrams by SOBill at Pantera Place


  • Armando 10 Quart Oil Pan
  • How to determine oil capacity with a 10 quart oil pan
  • Coolant Comparison & Analysis
  • Modular Motor Conversions
  • Exhaust/Mufflers Gutting the GTS Exhaust, by Dave Bell; Space City Panteras GTS Exhaust Gutting, by Johnny Woods on PIBB website Jim Wallace’s Ansa muffler modification Supertrapp Mufflers Restore Stock Mufflers
  • EFI Conversion by Thomas Törnblom(Subscription required to view entire article)
  • Fuel Gauge Calibration

Thomas Tornblom’s calibration device (approx. $60)

Edward Nauman’s calibration device (NASA precision device; not intended for sale; approx. $800 for single unit)

  • 1964 Ford Twin Cam 255 Indy Engine


  • Install Carpet


  • Tires for 15″ Wheels
  • The Banzai Runner’s Tires front: 205/60VR-15 BFG Comp T/A rear: 305/50VR-15 BFG Euro T/A Pic 1, Pic 2, Pic 3
  • Toyo Proxes thread on the PI Board

Automotive Calculators
Automotive Calculations

HotRodders Calculators

Online Calculators – Cobranet (Bowling)

Online Automotive Calculators – by Bowling & Grippo

Autobody Store – Bodywork how-to information

Armando & Aviaid 10-quart baffled oil pans

1 Wire Alternators vs 3 Wire Alternators – MAD Enterprises

Carburetor Tuning – by Bob Forgnone

Carburetor Trouble-Shooting – Recarbco

K&N Filter Compare – Performance Unlimited (lots of fun stuff here)

Ford V8 Engine Workshop

Fuel Injection – House of Cobras

351C Engine Workshop – external site

Guide to Decoding Ford Part Numbers – Heavy Duty Racing

Bubba’s M Block Ford V8 Workshop – Bubba

Engine Break-in Secrets – MotoMan

Spark Plug Mods – Performance Unlimited

Piston & Valve Failures – Performance Unlimited

Bearing Basics – Performance Unlimited

Rod Failures – Performance Unlimited

Ford Muscle – Great tech articles

Dave Williams Automotive Info – Great info here

Bump Steer – LongAcre Racing

Transaxle (ZF)
Side Mount construction

Wheels, Tires & Brakes
Tire Decoder – NHTSA Tire Safety Page

Tire Height Chart –

Tire Size Information – The Tire Rack

Tire Size Conversion Info – The Tire Rack

Tire Size Conversion Chart – Vintage tire sizes to modern metric sizes

Wheel Technical Information – RS Racing (includes how-to measure offset)

The “Warped” Brake Disc and Other Myths of the Braking System – StopTech

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