Details about #4033

the “Banzai Runner”

Year: 1972

Model: Pantera, Pre-L

Color: Yellow

Mileage: 84,500 (at time of purchase)

#4033 was built in July of 1972 and has had the same owner since 1978. It’s the highest mileage car I looked at (84,500 mi), but was the all-around best looking, sounding, driving, shifting, running car with the most comfortable seats of any I drove. And, it has no discernable rust! I looked at cars that had better paint or rebuilt engines, but overall they didn’t compare with this one. This is a car I can drive! And I do!

Upgrade Summary

  • New Holley Avenger 670cfm carburetor
  • Rebuilt steering rack
  • New front bushings
  • Hall Pantera rebuilt original radiator
  • Hall/Mariah pusher fans
  • Polished Edelbrock Performer intake
  • Polished aluminum DeTomaso finned valve covers
  • Heavy Duty Spicer half-shafts from Hall Pantera
  • Hall exhaust headers
  • Modern rotary AC compressor
  • Hall rebuilt (with added support) and re-upholstered seats
  • Weber clutch
  • Hall camber locks
  • BFGoodrich Euro TA tires (205 fronts/305 rears)

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