How to Buy a Pantera

Those who find good cars or good deals don’t do so by accident. They know exactly what they’re looking for. To be a successful buyer you need to be able to make a rational informed decision. Don’t get swept-away in a rushed decision. And don’t become too attached emotionally with any one car – there will always be another.

The key – EDUCATE YOURSELF about Panteras. Start with the following list of resources, then visit every owner’s site listed on the Links page and thoroughly read and learn from the experience of others.

Helpful Pantera resources:

12-Step Program to Pantera Ownership
Provides a simple overview for those aspiring to be Pantera owners.

Pre-Purchase Inspection Checklist
Basic steps to inspect a Pantera (adapted from an email from Mike Drew)

Shane Ingate’s Buyers Guide
I have included the “Buja and Garnett” Buyer’s Guide that was on Shane’s website here in downloadable MS Word format since Shane’s website is presently offline.

  • Buyers Checklist
  • Odometer Statement
  • Bill of Sale

Mike Dailey’s Buying Tips
Mike’s site is an excellent resource for anyone searching for a Pantera. Pay particular attention to the section on corrosion.

Corrosion – How bad it can be – Johnny Woods Restoration

Johnny Wood’s extensive restoration of his car. Surely one of the most beautiful Panteras in the world today, it required extensive fabrication to eradicate the rust.

Bruce Nardoci’s Buying Tips
A letter to anyone thinking about buying a Pantera. Comprehensively covers most everything you wanted to know, but were afraid to ask.

AsaJay’s Pantera Shopping Checklist
AJ’s checklist of what to look for when inspecting a Pantera for sale.

Pantera Buyers Guide
By Matt Bradley, on the Pantera Club of North Texas website.

Five Arguments for a guy to use on his wife to justify the purchase of a Pantera
By Wallace Wyse, Pantera International Editor in Chief

And, once you’ve found your car…

The Best Fixes for Under $20

A post to the DeTomaso Forum by Larry Finch which proposes the first and least expensive upgrades every new Pantera owner should complete.

Panteras for Sale
Pantera International

Pantera International BBS

PI Motorsports

Melton’s Garage

eBay Motors

duPont Registry

Collector Car Trader OnLine

Hemmings Motor News

Classic Cars

Forza Weblobby

Gas Pump Classics

Auto Scout 24 (German site)

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