Updates & Maintenance

July 2008
Engine rebuild

Month 2007
Toyo Proxes tires

September 2006
Thermostat Replacement

May 2006
Porterfield Brake Pads

Braided Teflon SS Brake Flex Lines

New Fan (Heater/AC) Switch

March 2006
Relay Kit

New Optima Battery

HID Headlights – 7″ Round

Rebuilt Ignition Switch

July 2005
Water Pump Replacement

Radiator Replacement

Tefba Filter Install

Coolant Bottle Repair

Front Radiator Compartment Detail

Cooling Fan Rebuild

January 2005
Hazard Switch R&R

July 2004
A/C Compressor Idler Pulley Removal

Rear Cross-member DeTomaso-Plate Installation

Radiator Hose Replacement

Rear Spring Spacer Removal & Detailing

January 2004
ZF Fluid Change & Tech Inspection for 1st Time Racers

October 2003
Dyno Tune & New Holley Carburetor

New Mallory Unilite Distributor

September 2003
Let me think, I know I did something. I’m sure that if I ask my wife, she can tell me what weekend I spent with the car (instead of her) and what I spent money on (rather, what I did).

August 2003
Tune Up – partial

Rear Suspension Detail

Passenger-Side Mirror Installation

Lower Radiator Hose Replacement

July 2003
Front Hood Emergency Release Cable

New Muffler Hanger

Updates performed by prior owner:

Holley 600cfm carburetor w/vacuum secondaries

Polished Edelbrock “Performer” intake manifold

Polished aluminum “DeTomaso” valve covers

Heavy duty Spicer half-shafts

Exhaust headers from Hall Pantera

Rotary AC compressor (R-12 blows cold!)

Seats rebuilt and reupholstered by Hall Pantera

Weber clutch

Camber locks from Hall Pantera

Ammeter shunt resistor kit from Hall Pantera

Rebuilt Stock Radiator

Rebuilt Steering Rack

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