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The Banzai Runner Pantera website was created as a venue to share information with the Pantera community. The information others shared online was invaluable to my search for a Pantera, and I wanted to do the same for the rest of the DeTomaso community. This is a hobby website and has been completely self funded since it first went online in 2003.

In January, the Banzai Runner Pantera website was upgraded to a larger server to improve both the quality and quantity of content that could be hosted and shared here.

Some of the unique content includes…

  • Banzai Runner Movie history and information
  • Comprehensive list of DeTomaso’s in TV, Film & Video
  • Pantera Paint Color Selector
  • Index of Pantera Headlight Upgrades
  • Technical information, advice and articles
  • Downloadable technical upgrade info gleaned from the mail list archives
  • How to purchase a Pantera, and links to other purchase resources
  • Best fixes for under $20
  • Most comprehensive Pantera ‘Links’ page online

If you’ve found any of the content on this website to be valuable, please consider making a small donation to support the maintenance of this site and development of new content. I appreciate your friendship and support.


Garth #4033

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